martes, 13 de enero de 2009


This may come a little late since we're around two weeks after New Year's Eve, but I guess careful thought usually comes when you're not expecting it.

Lately I've been thinking about last year, and I realized that overall I learnt a considerable amount of things. Learning isn't just getting information about something... it implies getting that information, understanding it, and putting it in your system with the belief (at least at some degree) of its certainty.

So in 2008, I learnt that wanting something with all your might isn't going to make you get it because there are always many variables that influence results and we don't have control over all of them.

I learnt that the idea that this country is full of it and it hasn't given me anything is complete bullshit.

I learnt that many times you are alone... but if you just stretch out a hand someone might accompany you.

I learnt it's important to always have a hand to stretch out for someone else.

I learnt that things are indeed easier when you go through them with a handful of M & Ms.

I learnt that that comma I frequently fight about has a name, and it's Oxford Comma.

I learnt that not communicating doesn't get you anywhere and doesn't help you in any way... and that that's part of the reason why Venezuela currently stands with a limp leg.

I learnt that sometimes the best things you could possibly wish for are right in front of you but for some reason you're looking elsewhere... turning around might just be the best thing you could do.

I learnt that no, not treating someone the same way you used to after they've hurt you doesn't make you hypocritcal, badly-intentioned, less tolerant, less respectful, less good or less anything (of the sort).

I learnt to trust my gutt.

I learnt that processes are most of the time a lot more important than results.

I learnt the real difference between important and urgent.

I learnt that I do truly hurt when those who I love do, but that I can't leave myself aside fully.

I learnt that no, we're not "rational beings", we're irrational. We try to rationalize only that which interests us but everything that interests us does so for irrational reasons.

I learnt I'm not able of staying confortably numb for too long.

I learnt I'm not just "privileged", but more priviliged than most of those who are too.

I learnt that most people are egotistical... but there's counted individuals who aren't.

I learnt I frequently turn pessimistic when bad times come but I never let it get the best of me.

I learnt there's still great music out there I've never even heard of.

I learnt that if you do something with at least an ounce of feeling that it is a mistake, it probably is.

I truly learnt that there's no such thing as "being objective". Not fully anyways.

I learnt that if there's something you can do nothing about, getting worried makes no sense. And if you can do something about it, then again, getting worried makes no sense.

I learnt I'm a pretty emotional person.

I learnt that there is no universal consensus of what "success" means (nor on most of the words, for that matter).

I learnt that you do indeed stop being better when you stop being good.

I learnt there's so much to be done it doesn't make sense to just stand there.

I learnt that everyone is a little prepotent, just not everybody shows it.

I learnt that not knowing every single step of the way is completely normal.

I learnt not to expect rain just because I see clouds.

I learnt life doesn't make sense.

I learnt not to expect too much, but not too little either.

I learnt that there's people who have had incredibly hard lives and it's exactly those people who want to live the most.

I learnt that great pieces of any form of art survive long periods of time as part of our culture only when they reach the collective unconscious.

I learnt not to care too much about the world because it doesn't give a damn about you.

I learnt learning's not just about anything... which in my case means that 2008 wasn't just any other year.

So far I've been in 2009 for 13 days... and they've been tense and I've been sick all of them, but I wouldn't change them. Let's see how the other 352 go.