lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Chuck Close

Esta es una breve historia de Chuck Close. Tras proyectar una fotografía sobre un lienzo previamente cuadriculado, Close traslada, cuadrícula a cuadrícula, la imagen a la tela para crear retratos de hasta 3x3 metros. Phillip Glass, Alex Kats, Cindy Sherman, Kate Moss… todos han sido sujetos en sus obras. Usando una brocha, a veces sus huellas dactilares, a veces un dedal de acrílico negro o una pistola pulverizadora, cuchillas de afeitar o borradores eléctricos, consigue siempre impresionar con sus resultados. Aún tras quedar paralizado, continuó pintando: primero con el pincel entre los dientes, luego, tras recuperar movimiento en el brazo, atando el pincel a su muñeca.

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domingo, 15 de junio de 2008

El viaje de Coucousitou

Esta es la historia de Coucousitou. No les cuento qué pasa, mejor chequéenlo en video. Una idea original muy bien desarrollada... ¡y qué trabajo! Todo en stopmotion. ¡Felicidades Vic!

Disfruten, pues, el talento nacional.

Cargado por cocousitou

Story of a Band

This is the story of some regular guys who wanted to play. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was watching as they planned the whole thing: Sergeant Pepper #1 had been at it for centuries (or so it seems if you see his head), Sergeant Pepper #2 knew him for a while and thought it sounded like fun, The Eggman was sitting on a cornflake when chosen to take the lead. They looked for a Taxman to do the dirty work... and got a booze-loving-music-addicted economist. They traveled Across the Universe to the rythm of The Ballad of John and Yoko to find some more people. Rocky Raccoon, with a gun in his back pocket and a MAC right in front of him, figured he had nothing better to do, so he tagged along. Lady Madonna somehow managed to make ends meet and recommended kazakstani music. As they walked, Sergeant #2 spotted sweet little Prudence and: “Dear Prudence. Won’t you come out to play?”. One more for the team. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it wouldn’t last... So knowing (as he did) how to play the drums, he joined. “Sure, I’ll be part of your music Revolution” said he, but was interrupted by a boyish man in a humongous body that however was not big enough for his ideals: “Help! I need somebody”, he yelled. “And we need you!”, said Rocky Raccoon, so he too was now on board. On they went, wondering what kind of music they’d play, until Lady Madonna stopped when she spotted her ex: “Love, love me do” he was saying to one of those one-way ticket girls we come to know as Day Trippers. But she wouldn’t listen, not for months anyways. “Wouldn’t you like to be part of our band?” smiled sweet little Prudence, and they both just couldn’t resist. Soon they were all hungry, so they ate some Savoy Truffles. Not long after, they started feeling a little weary and Dr. Roberts came right away and then never left. After passing a church, darkness came into the picture: Eleanor Rigby, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door, decided to abandon her loneliness and even said: “Here comes the sun”, excited, now that she had looked up for the first time. Someone was smoking just a couple of feet from them. “I’ll tell you how it’s gonna be. One for you, 19 for me”, said the Taxman to the lady and took a cigarette. Sexy Sadie soon ran out of packs and stayed with the future band hoping to get her smokes back some time. No one thought she could play, but what a mistake! She made a fool of everyone. Out of the blue, Sadie’s almost identical twin started calling Lady Madonna. “Girl! You look so good” said the blonde to this mystery woman. She acted as if it was understood, must be the confidence she gets from her 80 pairs of shoes (or maybe her Punicrace). Someone wanted to play Helter Skelter, no one quite understood why. A Blackbird who’d been right next to Lucy the whole time decided to come down and try out for the band. All his life he’d been waiting for this moment to arise. They took him in and completed the pack. Practice went on for nine whole months to get the feeling just right. A twisty little girl had been with them the whole time, but she was so tiny no one had seen her. Finally the night of their first show was here, and even the Queen came to see them right after drunk ol’ Mean Mr. Mustard’s yearly visit. Disco Disco Partizani was soon their #1 hit, and in The End, under the guidance of the Eggman’s coo coo coo choos and the beat of Sergeants Pepper, they came to be known as the Best International Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.